Maltese Therms in Poznan

Architect: ATJ Architects Sp. z o.o.

Maltese Therms – biggest and the most modern water complex in Poland, which uses only natural thermal water. Recreation object capacity equals 900 people at once. Complex is located by Maltese lake in Poznań city center. 6 hectares area contains 18 swimming pools. Sports part of Maltese Therms includes 50metres olimpic pool, jumping tower pool with 4 thousand spectators platform, recreation pool with water waves, variety of different water slides, river-pool & whirlpools. Relaxation part contains 1000m2 Saunas area with 14 Sauna rooms.

Whole Maltese Therms area  has been equipped  with black bindings OPA-1 with transparent lampshade AURIS PC and upper reflector which has been finished-off using a peak printed in white from inner-part. This construction guides the light down, according to politics which prevents sky from “contaminate” by light.

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