Mazovian Village Museum in Sierpc

Architectural design studio: Companies consortium Consultor and Chilli Anita Horowska studio

In 2010, an architectural competition was decided on the expansion of the facility and the extension of its offer.The building consists of three buildings with latticed earthen ditches. Everyone closely combines their functions with the form given to them.

„The building of fire” was covered with slate, the "sacred building" was erected using hand-made brick, the "water building" is wooden. This is a modern incarnation of buildings that can be seen in the open air museum, because they refer to the rural barn.

Used products:

The area illuminates 48W DROP and LED lighting fixtures. The shape of the luminaire is inspired by nature. DROP is like a drop of water. It combines innovative design with modern technology. It provides lower power consumption and reduces the cost of lighting.

The light weight aluminum construction for the customer's needs is anodized in a uniform graphite color.

Products used

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