City Stadium In Tychy

Architekt: Perbo-Projekt Sp. z o.o.

The new City Stadium in Tychy is one of the most modern sports investments in Upper Silesia. It has a typical football profile. In favor of UEFA and FIFA standards, the athletic facilities of the facility have been reduced. As a result, Tychy can play Champions League matches and qualifying matches for World Cup or EURO matches.

The new city stadium meets European standards also in the space of sport, as exemplified by the family sector arrangement, the Tychy’Sports Gallery (presenting athletes related to Tychy) or the UEFA European Voluntary Service.

The object points out attention to the titanium-zinc outer finishing.

Around 300 parking spaces and numerous green areas were built around ROSA products. They correspond to the overall architectural concept of investment. Classical colors give expression to modern design solutions. Aluminum columns anodised graphite and  luminaires in column inox/black are precisely matched with the stadium's tin elevation and canopy.

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