Bonarka City Center in Cracow

Architect: Architectural design project - BOSE International Planning and Architecture, preparation of the architectural project: IBM Asymmetria, Cracow Development Office, NIRAS, ARCADE.

Multifunctional Bonarka City Center was built in the post-industrial area of ​​Cracow, in the place of the former Chemical Plant and the village of Bonarka. BCC is a modern vision of Polish, city shopping passages from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Buildings are made from high quality natural raw materials: stone, wood and glass. Their facades refer to the industrial past of the area.

The ROSA lighting used in the project is a symptom of the area transformations. It expresses the correspondence with the modern form of present Bonarka. It does not refer to the historical origin but to the renovated version of the area. It is a sign of the present in a revitalized architectural space.

In the heart of the Center, surrounded by the modern office complex Bonarka B4B, there were used URSA LED 60 modern street lighting luminaires, anodised in standard inox/black colour, mounted on the aluminium columns SAL-DL1, extenstion arms WN1-180, WN2-180, anodised black and aluminium lighting set CUT LED 48 anodised at customer's request in uniform black and inox colour. Standard sets are protected with an elastomer.

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