Orlen Arena In Płocku

Architect: Henryk Nowacki with team MCD Poznań.

Orlen Arena is a multifunctional hall of 92 meters (diameter) with a sports field for 5.5 thousand visitors with roof in the shape of wave (paraboid-hyperbolic). This construction combines advanced technologies. The roof construction together with the semi-transparent, illuminated facade give the lightness and modernity to the object.

In the green areas around the Arena there is a modern playground, a skate park, an outdoor gym, chess tables and a fountain. The decorative character of the modern style is provided by lighting columns SAL DECO-1 and SAL DECO-3 (LINKS). Both are examples of geometrically shaped forms, with symmetrical (SAL DECO-3) and asymmetrical (SAL DECO-1) figure. The light source in both columns is invisible. SAL DECO-1 with internal reflectors in the shape of convex, mirrored squares – gives reflected light. This solution diffuses and directs the light down according to the policy of counteracting "pollution of the sky with light".

Lighting highlights the attractiveness of the Arena night image.

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