Nowa Huta Cultural Center in Krakow

The Nowa Huta Cultural Center in Krakow (NCK) has existed since 1983 as a place integrating the Krakow community from preschoolers to seniors. The core activity of the Center is the organization of classes and workshops as well as the running of artistic groups.

The NCK authorities decided to revitalize the area around it, so that the place would encourage everyone to spend time in a friendly and safe way. As part of the investment, sidewalks were repaired and widened, new benches, bicycle stands were added, new trees were planted, new lighting was installed to make it bright and safe, and piano stairs were created. The back of the building has become a multifunctional observation deck with benches, lighting and a mobile exhibition, at the same time being the perfect space for organizing various outdoor events. The car park has also been completely modernized.

Thanks to the use of black CUT LED, CUT-1 LED and CUT II LED lighting sets, our products blend in beautifully and at the same time highlight the revitalized nature of the investment.

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