MCKiS in Jaworzno

MCKiS (sports and entertainment hall) in the center of Jaworzno. The facility is used for sports and recreational activities as well as for the organization of spectacular, exhibition, fair and commercial events.

In 2021, the modernization of the facility was completed and the hall gained a modern look. The new image of the hall is distinguished by its simplicity and elegance. The "scales" of white aluminum and large glass panes on the elevation emphasize the aesthetic qualities of the building's body. The hall has also gained new skylights that have been equipped with RGB lighting enabling the illumination of the object. Thanks to the new face, the building has become a showcase of the Jaworzno space.

The external surroundings of the building also changed. New tiles have appeared on the stairs leading to the building, the lighting has been replaced, and the area in front of the hall has been paved with concrete cubes. ROSA products dominate the outdoor lighting. 48 pieces of aluminum anodized SAL DECO 3 LED columns in black harmonize elegantly with the white of the facade and perfectly fit into the minimalistic image of the facility. CUT 4 LED lighting sets were used in the recreational areas around the hall.

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