Structure and characteristics

They achieve light efficiency up to 124 lm/W for the luminaire

Anodized aluminium body
Inox color with anticorrosive and decorative propertiesh

Lamp diffusser
Frozen made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)

Constant current, high power,
with interface 1-10V

Overvoltage protection
Increases the immunity of the luminaire to electrical discharges up to 15 pulses at 10 kV


  • 1. Pedestrians
    2. Pedestrian crossings
    3. Bicycle routes
    4. Residential roads (internal)
  • 5. Petrol station
    6. Industrial areas
    7. Surrounding office buildings

Technical data


Application: parks, pedestrians, bicycle routes
Assembly: pole top mounted or on extension arms with ø60 x 50 mm ending
Ingress protection: IP 66

Material: cap – formed aluminium sheet
diffuser - frosted (PMMA)
base – high-pressure die-casted aluminium alloy, painted

Colour: inox
Optical system: -
Number of LEDs:  for 38W
Expected useful lifetime:  L90F10 – 50 000h, L80F20 – 100 000h
CRI: >70 for 3500K, 2700K; >80 for 4000K, 5000K
Input voltage frequency: 50/60Hz
Power factor: ≥0.95
Inrush current: : 18A / 280µs for 38W

Code Symbol LED power Luminaire Power consumption Colour temperature (CCT) Luminaire luminous flux Luminous efficacy Luminaire net weight
214650/1 ATLANTIS LED 38W 42W 2700K 3900lm 93lm/W 4kg
214650/3 ATLANTIS LED 38W 42W 3500K 4100lm 98lm/W 4kg
214650/4 ATLANTIS LED 38W 42W 4000K 5200lm 124lm/W 4kg
214650/6 ATLANTIS LED 38W 42W 5000K 5200lm 124lm/W 4kg

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