Group of luminaires with interchangeable optics dedicated to illuminate pedestrian crossings


Statistics on road accidents show that pedestrian crossings, although designed to cross the road safely, are by no means a safe place. In 2020, 2,678 accidents involving pedestrians occurred at marked crossings, which accounts for as much as 51% of all accidents involving pedestrians, mainly due to poor lighting or the lack of it.

One of the key factors improving safety at pedestrian crossings is properly designed crossing lighting. For economic reasons, this lighting does not have to be lit all night long - it should fulfill its role only when there are pedestrians at the crossing. When designing the lighting system for pedestrian crossings, we carefully analyzed various situations on the road to create a product that will ensure the maximum safety of road users.

Thanks to the possibility of combining specialized LED luminaires and anodized aluminum colums of different heights, the ROSA system can be used on crossings located on any type of road: from residential streets to crosswalks on two-lane roads. Appropriately selected elements of the system ensure strong lighting of the entire passage area, including the area in front of the lanes, and very low glare towards the driver.

The Safe Belts Lighting System is distinguished by the use of radio communication between all its elements. Installation of the system does not require laying control cables in the ground, so the investment is cheaper and faster to implement compared to the currently used one.




The pedestrian activates the button that starts the system.

The radio control system turns on the flashes and increases the power of street lamps on both sides of the road.

The power of street lamps illuminating the crossing is automatically increased, thanks to which the pedestrian becomes more visible to oncoming drivers.

Yellow signaling lamps mounted on columns with flashing signals let them know to drivers coming from both sides that there is a pedestrian at the crossing.

Due to the fact that the lighting of passages is often connected to the external lighting network, which is only turned on at night, the buffer power supply system with batteries allows you to accumulate energy during the night and then use it during the day.

Save Pedestrian
Crossing Lighting System

This is the solution that ensures a smooth crossing of the road and supports drivers in maintaining safety on the road