Charging stations for electric vehicles

Aluminium lighting pole with vehicle charger

ROSA, following the SMART CITY idea - designed a functional charger for electric vehicles in a lighting pole. In our opinion, the combination of lighting and electric vehicle charging functions is an ideal solution that increases the quality of life for city dwellers and is environmentally friendly at the same time.

Electric vehicles charging stations installed in SAL and KARIN street lighting poles are perfect for this in public spaces. In the slender casing of an anodized aluminum column, the company built all the components required for public charging stations including an electricity meter compliant with the MID directive, electrical security, an RFID reader facilitating the authorization process, and multicolor indication of the charger status. The applied solutions allow users to safely and intuitively carry out the process of charging vehicles, as well using smartphones.

Electric car charging stations fitted in street lighting poles are a perfect solution for cities and municipalities that modernize their outdoor lighting. There is no need for a new connection, as the charging station installed in the pole uses the existing connection. With this type of investment, it is also not necessary to report construction works or perform geodetic as-built inventory, because the installation of the charger involves replacing the old lighting pole with a new one with an extended function.

See how the station works!

Charging stations
for electric vehicles

An aesthetic combination of products dedicated to lighting, integrated with an electric vehicle charging station. The fully ecological range of products is equipped with RGB module, intuitive charging system and RFID card reader. The stations are available in 10 anodising colors.