5 tracks connection boxes for feeder cables with cross-section from 5 x 6 mm² up 5 x 16 mm²

max. 3 cables

the possibility of splitting load into particular phases

the possibility of moving the fuse-sockets

Number of fuse-sockets: Three fuse-sockets on three phases L1, L2, L3

Material: integrated terminal strip – made of PTB material (butylene polyterephtalate), with high insulation parameters and high mechanical resistance; connection cover and clamp/cable protection – made of transparent polycarbonate; connection box base – made of polycarbonate reinforced by fibre glass, cable opening/outlets are protected with gaskets

Code Symbol Fuse sockets quantity Protection class Protection degree Rated insulation voltage Withstand stroke voltage rating Rated current Weight Unit volume
324130 NTB-3 3 II IP54 500V 6kV 80A 0,76kg 0,0019m3

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