The lifetime of ROSA brand products

ROSA Anodized aluminum products have a significantly higher protection against corrosion in comparison to untreated aluminum products. All masts, extension arms, lighting sets and columns as well as luminaire housings manufactured by ROSA are anodized. As a result, the service life of ROSA aluminum anodized products in terms of corrosion will not be less than 50 years.

The service life of at least 50 years in terms of corrosion of anodized aluminum columns of the ROSA brand is confirmed by the Technical Approval issued by an independent expert of the Association of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians in Poland.

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Technical Approval

Technical Approval for lighting poles made
from aluminum alloys, anodized, produced by
The Lighting Equipment Production Plant "ROSA" Sp. z o.o. made by the Center of Expertise and Technical Progress SIMP ZORPOT in Łódź