Catalogue 2017 - Outdoor Lighting

The space in which man lives needs light. It provides comfort and security every day. It also allows you to enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of the world around us. Our offer is a wide range of solutions thanks to which cities, streets and buildings will gain a unique appearance.

Anodising colour palette

Possibility to order at Rosa company. ROSA anodising plant is currently the largest of this kind facility in East-Central Europe. We specialize in services such as anodising electrochemical or interference colouring of a wide range of aluminum materials, including metal sheets, pipes, structural and machine components, including complex shapes and specialized suspension systems. We anodise elements up to 10m length and 500 kg unit weight. We offer surface anodisation services in 20 unique anodising colours, both in matt and chemical brightened finish.

KARIN LED EV - Product Leaflet

KARIN EV LED is an esthetic combination of a KARIN LED compact lighting bollard with the functionality of an intelligent charging system for electric vehicles.

SNAKE LED - Product Leaflet

SNAKE LED is constructed of aluminium profile protected with anodic coating. The use of high-quality LEDs ensures even and efficient lighting

SNAKE LED - Product Leaflet

SNAKE LED is constructed of aluminium profile protected with anodic coating. The use of high-quality LEDs ensures even and efficient lighting

ISKRA LED P - Product Leaflet

The issue of security is the most important for us all, both drivers and pedestrians. The visibility of traffic users affects the perception of many situations and behaviors on the road. Among the places to pay special attention, pedestrian crossings are the first to be mentioned. They still need to be modernized to ensure higher security for the pedestrians. One of the priority factors affecting the number of accidents on crossings is the lighting quality of these places. The ROSA company in its offer has columns and luminaires dedicated to pedestrian crossings to provide the right visibility of pedestrian.

CUDDLE LED - Product Leaflet

The luminaire is designed according to the latest trends in industrial design. It has a classic, simple shape. Minimalist but also elegant form suitable for modern spaces. Apart from original design, CUDDLE LED has many solutions to lower operating costs like replaceable LED module and possibility of connecting the controlling system.

ISKRA LED - Product Leaflet

Minimalist in form and economical in operation luminaire made from pressed alumi¬nium, secured by anodised coating with high resistance against external factors and corrosion. Thanks to that ISKRA LED retains its aesthetic appearance for many years.

EDGE LED - Product Leaflet

ROSA's inspiration for the use of edge-lit technology in outdoor lighting was the IT industry, which uses this technology in display construction to illuminate matrices of TVs, smartphones and tablets

OW LED - Product Leaflet

OW LED with its shape refers to the traditional luminaire for discharge sources (OW). OW LED is equipped with a replaceable LED module with LEDs XP- L and XT-E by CREE, a world leader in LED technology, driver Osram and surge protection device. Cap and casing are made of brushed, anodised aluminum which guarantees anticorrosion and decorative features.

CUT LED - Product Leaflet

The original design of the set gives character to the illuminated location. CUT-8 LED is constructed of aluminum profile protected with anodic coating. The use of high-quality LEDs ensures even and efficient lighting.

DROP LED - Product Leaflet

DROP I LED is a lighting set which combines innovative design with modern technology. Luminaire was designed by EMO Italian industrial Studio. In its shape, corresponds to the nature reminding a falling drop. Very gentle by its look, a durable lighting set which easily combines with its surrounding . DROP I LED is a remarkable alternative to traditional light sources solutions. Less energy consumption helps reduce overall lighting cost

DAMA LED - Product Leaflet

Gentle shape makes DAMA LED stand out from other products as a decorative element of urban squares and park avenues. LED module on the upper part of column causes the light to spread evenly creating a pleasant effect.


Zakład Usługowy ROSA Sp. z o. o. , located in the center of Europe is a part of Rosa Group, polish company that has been acting on the international outdoor lighting market for 20 years. We are one of the largest and most modern anodising plants in Middle-East Europe that provides high quality aluminium anodising services for elements of up to 10 m in 10 colours in both matt and chemically brightened finish.

Company portrait

Company portrait