They illuminate the streets and charge electric vehicles


The ROSA Group has designed a charging station for electric vehicles located in a lighting pole. This idea is an excellent way to solve the problem of insufficient infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.

For several years in Poland, street lighting has been modernized and replaced with LED luminaires, thanks to which it is possible to use the power from a traditional connection to power other devices. Designers from Rosa took advantage of this possibility and placed an innovative charging station for electric cars in the 7 to 22kW variants in the aluminum lighting column. Chargers of this power are the most popular on the market and recommended by electric car manufacturers, as they extend the battery life.

Chargers are available in the form of SAL-EV lighting poles with a height of 6-10 m and KARIN LED EV with a height of 1.3 m.

SAL EV is a lighting column that does not differ from the outside from traditional poles - it is an aluminum column, subjected to the anodizing process, thanks to which its surface is resistant to corrosion, available in 10 colors, finished with a LED luminaire appropriate for a given project. Its interior, however, hides many modern functions. In the slim SAL EV housing, the company has built all the components required for public charging stations, including an electricity meter compliant with the MID directive, electrical security, an RFID reader facilitating the authorization process, and multi-color indication of the charger status. The station supports the OCPP protocol, thus enabling integration with the management and billing system. The applied solutions allow users to safely and intuitively carry out the process of charging vehicles, also with the use of smartphones.

A lighting pole with a charger manufactured by the ROSA Group is a cheaper and faster investment than traditional electric vehicle charging stations.

There are no additional costs related to the commissioning of the charging station, such as the cost of a new connection, because the charging station installed in the lighting pole uses the existing connection. Designers from ROSA propose solutions adapted to the existing lighting network in order to place charging stations within it in the most beneficial way. It is also not necessary to report construction works or perform geodetic as-built inventory, because the assembly of the charger involves replacing the old lighting pole with a new one with an extended function. It is also important that no new element appears in the urban space that could adversely affect the aesthetics of the surroundings.

An alternative to high lighting poles is the KARIN LED EV column, which is eagerly used in single-family housing estates, at hotels and restaurants, or city parking lots. The 1.3 m high lighting column can contain a charger with a power from 3.7 kW to 22 kW, and its functionalities guarantee the users an intuitive process of charging vehicles, also using the smartphone application.

Base of electric vehicle charging stations

Among the lighting poles in Polish cities and municipalities, you can select those that meet specific technical conditions and create a database of easily accessible charging points for electric vehicles in housing estates, in city parking lots and those located on routes between cities - says Stanisław Rosa, owner of the ROSA Group - I am convinced that the technical parameters and usability of our aluminum SAL EV and KARIN LED EV poles, as well as their quality and design will encourage investors to use them in their projects, especially as they guarantee investors considerable investment savings.

A perfect solution for cities, municipalities, developers and real estate owners

Electric vehicle charging stations installed in street lighting poles are a perfect solution for cities and municipalities that modernize their outdoor lighting. Together with the replacement of lighting with energy-saving ones, they can also provide residents with charging points for electric vehicles, which, according to the European Union's policy, will soon become the basic means of transport.

It is a solution that will certainly be of interest also to developers and property owners. In March this year a directive entered into force requiring developers and owners of residential and non-residential buildings to secure infrastructure for charging vehicles in newly constructed and modernized buildings. In the case of residential buildings, the requirement applies to securing the infrastructure for all parking spaces, and in the case of public buildings and offices, it will be a requirement to equip 20% of parking spaces with chargers. Installing chargers in lighting poles is both an investment saving and optimal use of parking space.

Chargers for electric vehicles in ROSA lighting poles:

  • available in the form of SAL-EV lighting poles with a height of 6-10 m and KARIN LED EV with a height of 1.3 m.
  • available variants: chargers from 7 to 22kW
  • chargers suitable for public and private spaces
  • intuitive charging process; mobile application
  • RFID reader facilitating the authorization process
  • multi-color signaling of the charger status