The ROSA Group presents the newest park lighting bollard


SIMPLE CUT LED - simple and modern in its form. The new LED lighting set will perfectly match the infrastructure of modern office buildings or housing estates. SIMPLE CUT LED has enriched the offer of lighting products from the CUT group, i.e. CUT, CUT II LED or CUT-1 LED.

Characteristic features of the set:

• Size: 0.7 m high, based on a 150 x 100 mm profile;

• Column-shaped housing with side lighting downwards;

• LED power: 8 W, 4 built-in LEDs;

• The operating temperature range is -40 ° C to + 55 ° C;

• Material: anodized aluminium in inox, grey cover next to the module;

• Colour: 10 anodizing colours available, each with the option of brightening.

The new product is now available on our website