ROSA’s green production


The principles of sustainable development have been the main element of our strategy for many years. Our goal is to pursue a closed circuit production model, in order to provide the market with durable and innovative products, that will ensure savings and a better quality of life. Therefore, the raw material from which our columns, extension arms and masts are made of is aluminum - one of the more ecological construction materials. The pro-ecological attitude of the company, however, goes beyond the aspect of the materials used and is clearly visible in its daily activities.

In 2019, a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 207.36 kWp was installed on the roof of the new production hall at 54 Towarowa Street. The company also has cogeneration units, that in 2021 alone will have produced over 3 GWh of electricity, heat pumps, which use recovered heat from the production line to heat water or offices, and waste water neutralizer, air purification systems and devices, that reduce energy and water consumption.

Therefore, Rosa's production activity does not impact the environment. Electricity used in technological processes is generated by our own ecological sources, which cover over 55% of energy demand. The rest of the energy is drawn from the power grid and comes entirely from renewable energy sources, as evidenced by the guarantees of origin issued by Towarowa Giełda Energii (Polish Power Exchange) based in Warsaw.

This is not the end of our investments in environmental activities. We are preparing another investment in a photovoltaic farm, which will be installed on the roof of Zakład Usługowy "ROSA" LLC next year. Its power is 629,83 kWp, which will be generated by 1,400 photovoltaic modules.

Because ROSA cares about ecology!